Trailblazers Nature Club were both focused on aerial insectivores of the BSES Nature Trail! We started our sessions studying how to identify Tree Swallows and Barn Swallows. We also studied Eastern Bluebird since we have nest boxes for them on the property. Then, we ventured out to look for all of the above! Unfortunately, cold and windy conditions didn't make for the best observations of these species. In fact, we had light flurries during Tuesday's walk!...


The BSES Nature Trail has been super active this week; both in the realms of people and birds!

Trailblazers Nature Club for grades 3-5 ventured on a bird walk this past Tuesday. This walk was part two of last week's study session, "5 Birds You Need to Know!" Well, good thing we studied these birds because we observed all five species: Song Sparrow, Northern Cardinal, Blue Jay, Downy Woodpecker, and Northern Flicker. We also enjoyed a few first of the year (F...


After a short break, the weekly report is back, and the trail has been more active than ever in 2018!

This past week marked the beginning of the first-ever weekly Trailblazers Nature Clubs! Grades 3-5 meet on Tuesday and grades 1 & 2 meet on Thursdays.

Tuesday was rainy so we didn't hit the trail. Instead, we spent our time inside studying bird sounds to prepare to go out next week! Many of the students in the grades 3-5 club are long-time Trailblazers a...


This past week was an active week in birding at BSES! We had many exciting birds in the gym on Thursday, but we also had quite a few on the trail, too!

When I arrived for my weekly walk, there was a bunch of activity in upper parking lot. House Finches & Song Sparrows were heard and seen foraging among the trees and shrubs. Also, there was a large bustle of American Crow activity on the trail with some flying over but many perched in the forest behind the re...


The 5th Annual Trailblazers Christmas Bird Count proved to be another exciting year of birding and citizen science!!!

We had a grand total of 23 birders out on the nature trail to complete our annual Saturday survey. Temperatures were admittedly pretty brutal this year so hats off to all who came and were able to brave the cold. This year's count was not our coldest, but the constant high winds made counting difficult and more than likely impacted our specie...


Spring migration is underway despite the rock-solid snow coverage of the trail! I was unable to make it out on the trail last Friday so I'm back with an overdue weekly report to report that although the trail is birdy, it's also very slippery - Be careful if you head out there!

I kept the morning brief due to difficult navigation and time needed for parent-teacher conference preparation, but I still raked in 19 species for the morning. I would say that...

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