The final week of Trailblazers Adventure Summer Camp was the perfect conclusion to our most exciting summer to date! With four days of field trips around southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we were able to compile a high species total of some very exciting birds!

Schedule of the Week:

Monday - BSES Nature Trail & Concord Nature Trail

Tuesday - Exton Park

Wednesday - The Westtown School

Thursday - Palmyra Cove Nature Park

Friday - BSES Nature Trail

Monday was...


As I said before, birders in the northeastern United States wait all year for the month of May to enjoy all of the great migrants that pass through. To follow up on that thought, this past Tuesday was the kind of May migration day that birders hope to have! As a result of the picked up migration, I ended up being out before and after school birding almost everyday! As a result, I saw an amazing day of birding, but I also saw that warbler migration in our ar...

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