The month of May was our most eventful month yet for Trailblazers! Mondays after school featured GVES Nature Club at Garnet Valley Elementary School, Tuesdays hosted Trailblazers Nature Club for grades 3-5, and Thursdays held Trailblazers Nature Club for grades 1 & 2. All of this activity made for our largest data collection effort yet! Between the 16 eBird checklists in the month of May, 56 different species of birds were recorded on the BSES Nature Trail!



Trailblazers Nature Club were both focused on aerial insectivores of the BSES Nature Trail! We started our sessions studying how to identify Tree Swallows and Barn Swallows. We also studied Eastern Bluebird since we have nest boxes for them on the property. Then, we ventured out to look for all of the above! Unfortunately, cold and windy conditions didn't make for the best observations of these species. In fact, we had light flurries during Tuesday's walk!...


Activity is definitely picking up on the BSES Nature Trail! This week yielded 24 species for the property. 

One Pileated Woodpecker was seen flying over the BSES building. I first heard the bird on the east side of campus, then I observed it fly right overhead and over school towards the nature trail. I was unable to refind the bird, but I heard it singing in the neighborhood around Spring Meadow Lane. 

Eastern Bluebirds were most certainly thinking spri...


Spring migration is *almost* here for songbirds! Over the next few weeks, songbirds will begin to sing more frequently and even act more brazen as they engage in territorial duels with other birds. It should make my morning walks more birdy, and the species totals the last two weeks alone are showing an increase in activity. 23 species seen on my weekly walk on the trail!

While the songbirds prep for their next step, some birds are already migrating, courtin...


An unseasonably warm morning paired with an after school Trailblazers event made for a super birdy week here at BSES! We tallied a whopping 28 total species for the week!

Common Mergansers were seen flying over the BSES Nature Trail heading northeast! This observation represents a fourth record for the property. All four records are from winter, and three of the four records are from February with one record from January. 

A second record for 2018, one Merlin...


This week's notes are dominated by one species in particular: the American Robin!

When I arrived for my weekly walk, they were everywhere I looked. Every turn I made, I flushed groups of American Robins. Everytime I raised my binoculars or camera to the trees, robins would pour out to perch elsewhere. This was great practice in photographing American Robins, but it was also a great exercise in studying their individual variation. I was able to muster up an e...


November always proves to be an interesting month for exploring the BSES Nature Trail! Most of the songbird migration has moved through, but we annually find beautiful fall colors, evidence of the animals who call the trail their winter home, and always a few bird surprises!

Eighteen students and I ventured onto the trail in search of all we could find on our November afternoon, and the action started the second we stepped out of BSES! First, we were greeted...


After a week's absence in the weekly report, I'm happy to announce that BQ IS BACK BABY!

I missed my Friday morning walk last week since I was visiting the Cape May Fall Migration Festival. I can't report much on the birds of last week, but I will say that this morning's walk was an indication that our wintering species have established a strong presence on the nature trail!

The trail was peppered with Dark-eyed Juncos and White-throated Sparrows. These sparr...


The final week of Trailblazers Adventure Summer Camp was the perfect conclusion to our most exciting summer to date! With four days of field trips around southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we were able to compile a high species total of some very exciting birds!

Schedule of the Week:

Monday - BSES Nature Trail & Concord Nature Trail

Tuesday - Exton Park

Wednesday - The Westtown School

Thursday - Palmyra Cove Nature Park

Friday - BSES Nature Trail

Monday was...


The first session of Trailblazers Adventure Summer Camp for 2017 was a great success! Twenty-one students joined Mr. BQ & Mr. McLaughlin for an action-packed week of environmental education and adventure.

We spent the first day on-site sharpening our skills in birding, plant identification, and hiking before venturing out on a week of field trips to local hotspots in search of great species and even better times!

Schedule of the Week:

Monday - BSES Nature Trai...

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