Our first event of 2018 was a great success! Nine hearty first and second grade students braved the winter afternoon as we scoured the nature trail in search of animal tracks!

We were treated to the best of both worlds when it comes to tracking. First, we had snowfall from earlier in the week, providing quite a few tracks for us to observe. Also, we had a recent rainstorm, and when that's paired with the snow melt, we have ample mud; also great for tracking!



For January’s theme, we celebrate animal tracks! We do so in January in hopes that there will be snow to help make animal’s prints easy to see. Today’s event was marked by unseasonably warm temperatures, which unfortunately melted the snow. Instead, we were greeted to the next best thing for finding animal tracks: mud!

The event started in the classroom as we reviewed the different types of animals whose prints might be left along the Nature Trail! Then, six...

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