The fall session of Trailblazers BSES Birding Club was by far our most exciting club season yet!

With a grand total of 45 species, the students of the club witnessed a handful of very exciting birds this season. We observed four species of warbler including spectacular views of Magnolia Warbler in the scrub shrubs of the east side of campus. We also observed multiple female Purple Finches as they fed on berries on our beloved trail. Although previously recor...


This week's notes are dominated by one species in particular: the American Robin!

When I arrived for my weekly walk, they were everywhere I looked. Every turn I made, I flushed groups of American Robins. Everytime I raised my binoculars or camera to the trees, robins would pour out to perch elsewhere. This was great practice in photographing American Robins, but it was also a great exercise in studying their individual variation. I was able to muster up an e...

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