Although the afternoon heat weighed heavy on the crew, we tallied an impressive total of 22 species on the Nature Trail on Bethel Springs Elementary School! We had many of our usual birds that nest at BSES, but we did have a few surprises along with lots of good looks.

Highlights of the walk included first an Eastern Bluebird perched in a tree nearby its nesting box. This pair of Eastern Bluebirds has been nesting in the box in the meadow on the trail. Also,...


The fourth annual Fall Migration Bird Walk yielded a productive afternoon of bird watching! Nineteen birders comprised of third, fourth, and fifth grade students tallied thirteen individual species including American Goldfinch, Turkey Vulture, and White-breasted Nuthatch. One highlight of the walk was a Sharp-shinned Hawk zooming across the parking lot in pursuit of some songbirds in the white pines by the cafeteria entrance of the school! Also, birders on...

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