The month of May was our most eventful month yet for Trailblazers! Mondays after school featured GVES Nature Club at Garnet Valley Elementary School, Tuesdays hosted Trailblazers Nature Club for grades 3-5, and Thursdays held Trailblazers Nature Club for grades 1 & 2. All of this activity made for our largest data collection effort yet! Between the 16 eBird checklists in the month of May, 56 different species of birds were recorded on the BSES Nature Trail!



After a short break, the weekly report is back, and the trail has been more active than ever in 2018!

This past week marked the beginning of the first-ever weekly Trailblazers Nature Clubs! Grades 3-5 meet on Tuesday and grades 1 & 2 meet on Thursdays.

Tuesday was rainy so we didn't hit the trail. Instead, we spent our time inside studying bird sounds to prepare to go out next week! Many of the students in the grades 3-5 club are long-time Trailblazers a...


Activity is definitely picking up on the BSES Nature Trail! This week yielded 24 species for the property. 

One Pileated Woodpecker was seen flying over the BSES building. I first heard the bird on the east side of campus, then I observed it fly right overhead and over school towards the nature trail. I was unable to refind the bird, but I heard it singing in the neighborhood around Spring Meadow Lane. 

Eastern Bluebirds were most certainly thinking spri...


Spring migration is *almost* here for songbirds! Over the next few weeks, songbirds will begin to sing more frequently and even act more brazen as they engage in territorial duels with other birds. It should make my morning walks more birdy, and the species totals the last two weeks alone are showing an increase in activity. 23 species seen on my weekly walk on the trail!

While the songbirds prep for their next step, some birds are already migrating, courtin...


An unseasonably warm morning paired with an after school Trailblazers event made for a super birdy week here at BSES! We tallied a whopping 28 total species for the week!

Common Mergansers were seen flying over the BSES Nature Trail heading northeast! This observation represents a fourth record for the property. All four records are from winter, and three of the four records are from February with one record from January. 

A second record for 2018, one Merlin...


The weather was gloomy and overcast throughout most mornings this week - Should've taken it as an omen for future birding! Of all our weekly reports this last year, this week had (I'm pretty sure) the lowest species total that I can remember.

My weekly walk was on Friday morning, which only had a total of 8 species. Also, there was light snow during the walk so I couldn't really have my camera out. Combined with the low light of the overcast morning, it was...


This past week was an active week in birding at BSES! We had many exciting birds in the gym on Thursday, but we also had quite a few on the trail, too!

When I arrived for my weekly walk, there was a bunch of activity in upper parking lot. House Finches & Song Sparrows were heard and seen foraging among the trees and shrubs. Also, there was a large bustle of American Crow activity on the trail with some flying over but many perched in the forest behind the re...


We are back in 2018 with our first weekly report of the season! Due to last week's wintry weather, I wasn't able to get out on the nature trail even once. It was a shame to miss a week of data collection, but the snowy conditions precipitated on my parade last Thursday and Friday!

I made up for the lack of visiting from the previous week with three visits during this week! First, I went on my weekly morning walk on Wednesday morning. Second, we had our Trail...


My final weekly walk of the year yielded 23 species of birds plus one noteworthy species of mammal!

Neither the cold morning nor the construction wrap-up seemed to hamper bird activity on the trail. The pipeline work has been complete, and although there were no folks, there are construction materials that are staged for removal. Please leave those items be, and please be sure to keep the hay that was laid down on the trail to help the grass regrow later thi...


It was a cold and crisp morning on a snow-covered nature trail! We are awaiting another snowfall this afternoon, and temperatures seemed to reinforce the storm's impending arrival.

When I arrived, I was greeted by construction equipment being stored at the trailhead. There is an improvement project on the pipeline in the gas line cut so there was a good amount of noise and even car traffic on the main path of the trail! If you are visiting the trail over the...

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