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BSES Nature Trail

The Bethel Springs Elementary School Nature Trail is an outdoor learning space for both the students and community! During the school day, the trail is only open to students. Before school, after school, and on weekends, the trail is open to anyone who would like to visit! The Nature Trail is equipped with education signage, benches, and outdoor learning spaces for visitors!

The trail features a .6 mile path that runs through a warm-season grass meadow, secondary growth forest, more mature deciduous forest, and vernal pools. Also, one of the headwaters of Naaman's Creek is situated just upstream from the trail, and Naaman's Creek runs through the south edge of the campus. 

To visit the Nature Trail, make a right once you enter the parking lot and follow the parking lot around the right side of the building. Head to the far right corner of the parking lot to find the trailhead. Look for the trail sign!

Download our BSES Nature Trail Map right here!


BSES Nature Trail Hotspot Page

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