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Event Report: Butterfly Bonanza!

Our first event of the 2017-2018 school year was our first-ever Butterfly Bonanza, which was a smashing success! After being postponed due to a poor weather forecast, our afternoon was greeted with perfect temperatures and abundant sunshine!

We spent the first part of our afternoon in the classroom reviewing the life cycle of a butterfly. Then, we discussed local butterfly species and how to identify them. After that, we headed out to the butterfly garden at BSES to take a look around before heading to the meadows on the east side of campus. Finally, we walked the Nature Trail to look through the meadow to see what we could find!

We ended the day having found a few of our target species! We observed two Monarch Butterflies at close range! Also, we had a Black Swallowtail fly past and nearly land on Summer's head. Also, we picked out two Cabbage White Butterflies among the goldenrod before we found a first-time recorded species for the campus: Pearl Crescent!

Non-butterfly highlights also included a flyover Cooper's Hawk and a surprise visit from Mr. Piasecki! All told, our first event of the year was the perfect way to start off our year. Looking forward to more fun on the trail this school year!!!


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