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Trailblazers BSES Nature Club for Grades K-2, Spring 2023

The spring session of the Trailblazers BSES Nature Club for grades K-2 featured an exciting mix of both learning and fun! This was the first year we've ever offered this club for Kindergarteners, and I'm thrilled to say we had so much fun getting out on the BSES Nature Trail and learning about nature!

Each session of the club featured a different theme: one week was devoted to Red Foxes! Another week, we studied the life cycle of the Eastern Bluebird. We even enjoyed a scavenger hunt with Helping Hands Club as we explored our beloved nature trail.

Our school recently received a generous donation of three bluebird boxes, and all three of these boxes housed Eastern Bluebird families this spring! One day, we went out to visit each bird box and look inside. Students were able to see the eggs of Eastern Bluebirds! A few weeks later, we were able to see bluebird babies that had just hatched. An incredible sight for the students to enjoy!

One session, we took a trip over to Peanut Pond! Located on a nearby private property, Trailblazers has special permission to visit the pond and farm. We call this location Peanut Pond because of Peanut, the goat! Last year, Peanut somehow escaped through the fence and came to visit school (quite a few times in fact.) Whenever we explore the area around the pond, we always make sure to stop by and see our favorite goat friend Peanut!

Overall, we had a super fun and informative session of Trailblazers BSES Nature Club! It was so fun to see the students connecting with nature, and I hope to see the crew this summer at camp or next school year at club. Thank you to Trailblazers families for their continued support! Also, thank you to James, our GVHS Trailblazers Guide, who helped with club every week to make sure the students had the best time!



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