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Event Report - Geology Rocks!

The Trailblazers Geology Rocks event most certainly lived up to its name! Twenty-two students from third through fifth grade ventured onto the nature trail to discuss the rocks and soils found in our area.

The session began in Room 210 as we discussed the differences between a rock and a mineral and then the three types of rocks. After examining a map of Pennsylvania, we talked about how BSES and the nature trail are situated atop a metamorphic rock formation known as Brandywine Blue Gneiss. The quarrymen who harvested the rocks and minerals from our area over one hundred years ago called parts of this rock formation “Blue Granite.” The Wilmington Blue Rocks name comes from these very rocks!

Once we headed out to the trail, we scrambled over the outcroppings of Hornblende that we have in the lower woodland section beyond the outdoor classroom. We also discovered examples of erosion along Naaman’s Creek. Many of the students learned about these concepts in our 3rd grade curriculum so this session really brought these concepts to life!

Other highlights included a singing Hairy Woodpecker, Northern Cardinals, and great no-binoculars-needed views of a Red-bellied Woodpecker on a nearby tree.

Overall, the session was an exciting one and our best geology session yet!

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