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Trailblazers BSES Birding Club, Winter 2024

This past winter, we enjoyed yet another season of the Trailblazers Birding Club here at Bethel Springs Elementary School! This was our second Trailblazers club of the school year, which featured lots of study of our local bird species. The first session of the club however was not focused on birds!

After fresh snowfall, students brought along their snow gear so we could enjoy a winter-style exploration of the trail! After a snowy hike and snowball fight, students worked on building the biggest snowman possible around the outdoor classroom!

One of our sessions, we decided to study the Eastern Bluebird since students were beginning to notice them around the school. We have six bluebird boxes scattered throughout the campus, and in the winter, bluebirds begin scouting out nesting locations. We also have a bird feeder setup outside the library that has a suet cake. Eastern Bluebirds love to eat suet; especially when there are mealworms mixed within! One session, we watched a pair of Eastern Bluebirds feeding on the suet, and they even let us follow them around the school yard for a while to give everyone great views!

While we were studying the bluebirds, we also found a pair of Chipping Sparrows! They are a bird that are typically only here in spring and summer. Chipping Sparrows will sometimes winter in southeastern Pennsylvania, but that is an uncommon occurrence!

In addition to the Eastern Bluebirds and Chipping Sparrows, we observed House Finches, Carolina Chickadee, and Golden-crowned Kinglet. Overall, we had a fantastic session of Trailblazers BSES Birding Club! Special thank you to James and Ethan, our Trailblazers guides from GVHS, who helped us have fun during our winter season together. Looking forward to an amazing spring!



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