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Weekly Report - 2017-01-27

Mild winds and cold temperatures made for a very dry morning on the Nature Trail. Upon my arrival, bird activity was quiet: too quiet. I wandered on my usual walk down the main trail but was met with only flyover birds: American Crows, American Robins, and Common Grackles. After a few Northern Cardinals chipping to announce their presence, I decided to mix up my morning walk!

I walked from the trailhead to the east side of campus to explore the Francis Harvey Green School fields and the adjacent tree line. This area had a lot more bird activity with two Field Sparrows and one female Eastern Bluebird perching right out in the open!

Eastern Bluebird, BSES Nature Trail - 2017-01-27

All told,13 species is a pretty average number for a morning walk, but I would say that the number of individuals for each species was lower across the board than previous weeks.

Here's the eBird list for the morning:

Bethel Springs E.S.--Nature Trail

Jan 27, 2017

7:25 AM


1.25 miles

28 Minutes

All birds reported? Yes

Comments: Activity was very low on the nature trail so I walked to the Francis Harvey Green treeline for some exploring. Cold, dry morning with moderate winds and temperatures in the mid 40s.

Submitted from eBird for iOS, version 1.4.2 Build 114

6 Canada Goose

2 Black Vulture

1 Mourning Dove

6 American Crow

1 Carolina Chickadee

1 Eastern Bluebird

9 American Robin

10 European Starling

2 Field Sparrow

5 White-throated Sparrow

2 Song Sparrow

2 Northern Cardinal

2 Common Grackle -- Flyover


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