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Event Report - Animal Tracks, Grades 1 & 2

Our first event of 2018 was a great success! Nine hearty first and second grade students braved the winter afternoon as we scoured the nature trail in search of animal tracks!

We were treated to the best of both worlds when it comes to tracking. First, we had snowfall from earlier in the week, providing quite a few tracks for us to observe. Also, we had a recent rainstorm, and when that's paired with the snow melt, we have ample mud; also great for tracking!

Although the trail was a muddy mess, we still had a fun and exciting afternoon! After we reviewed our local tracks in the classroom, we went on a hike to see what we could find. Luckily, we stumbled upon quite a few sets of animal tracks! First, we came across a few red fox prints from our resident foxes that live on the trail. We also found a few deer tracks in multiple sections of the trail. Students were able to tell the differences between each, and by the end, students were spotting and identifying tracks on their own!

On the way back, we observed an up-close Northern Mockingbird getting a glimpse at the group! All told, our first event was a great way to kick off a packed month of Trailblazers programs in Garnet Valley!


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