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Event Report - Birds of Prey Night

The first-ever Trailblazers Birds of Prey Night was our largest event yet! With over 125 people in attendance, the gym at Bethel Springs Elementary School became the biggest classroom in the whole school!

We started the evening with a brief introduction on the latest news of the BSES Nature Trail. Then, the Academy of Natural Sciences brought along three birds of prey to teach us about species both near and far! We were fortunate to meet a Red-tailed Hawk, Turkey Vulture, and Harris's Hawk. The first two birds are regulars on the BSES Nature Trail, but the Harris's Hawk is a resident of the southwestern United States into Mexico.

In years previous, we've had our Owl Night on an evening in January! However, due to last year's large attendance, we felt that a different theme for the night was necessary.

We had quite a bit of buzz on social media, too:

Thank you to the BSES Nature Trail Committee, Mr. Piasecki, and Mrs. Allen for their continued support of Trailblazers! Also, thank you to the Academy of Natural Sciences for providing a very informative show for us. Finally, thank you to all who attended and helped make this special night happen!!!


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